Consulting Services

Blair College Planning offers you a choice:  sign up for a comprehensive package covering the entire process of college search, applications, financial aid and planning for college success, or schedule hourly consultations covering just the areas in which you need help.

Comprehensive Package

For the family that wants professional guidance throughout the process, the comprehensive package is the best choice.  Up to 16 face-to-face meetings are included, although fewer may be required, and additional advice is provided via phone calls and email.

During the junior year (and sometimes the sophomore year) 5-6 meetings are usually scheduled, covering student assessment, planning high school courses and activities, career interests and majors, developing a college list, researching colleges, and how to get the most out of college visits.

Beginning in the summer before the senior year, a series of 7-8 meetings will cover brainstorming essay topics, writing and editing essays, the fall application season timeline, completing applications, applying for financial aid, assessing offers from colleges, and the transition to college.

Comprehensive Package for Seniors

Families who start the process a little later may still want comprehensive guidance.  The package for seniors includes up to 12 face-to-face meetings, and covers the same topics in a slightly compressed time frame.

Hourly Consulting

If you want help with only part of the process, the consulting plan will be tailored to meet your needs and your budget.   An hourly fee is charged for time spent in meetings and for any additional time spent on such activities as researching colleges, editing essays, and consulting via phone or internet.

Consulting via Skype

Consulting via Skype is available for clients outside the Houston area and for those whose busy schedules make in-person meetings difficult.