Clients Say:

“Valerie identified two colleges that we had overlooked that met all of our daughter’s criteria … Our daughter is now doing great as a sophomore in a college that we would never have seen without Valerie’s help.” – Kevin Adams

“For us, the key benefits included … we were saved the stress and effort of researching all the steps along the way, and … by not getting mired in topics beyond our expertise, we could stay focused on being emotionally supportive during this exciting life decision.”         – Richard Gelb

“Valerie helped my daughter discover for herself what things she valued in a college and then how to find colleges that fit her values … I can’t imagine getting through the college application maze without Valerie’s help.”  – Deborah Landis

“Valerie helped me stay focused and get ahead on the application process … I was done with everything months before my friends … Valerie is extremely knowledgeable and an awesome resource to have while applying to college!”  – Kent, a student

“As a parent of twins with very different interests, working with Valerie took a lot of stress off all of us.  I felt much more confident about everything we did thanks to Valerie’s help.”  – Julie Zrubek

“Valerie’s knowledge of the bewildering number of college options guided us to consider some new schools we’d never thought of – that were a good fit for our daughter!  Valerie knows how to ask the questions that help you determine what sort of education will work best for your child, your family, and your finances.”  – Diane Bilby

“You were extremely knowledgeable of the college entrance exams and latest financial aid policies and procedures.  I think it would have been next to impossible for us to wend our way through the complications of applying for and selecting a college if we didn’t have your professional guidance.  Again, thank you so much for your support!”  – Kerry Leeman

“We couldn’t have done it without you … Please know what a difference you have made in my life at this very stressful time.  You have been a godsend!”  – Lauralee Smith

“Valerie was awesome and very helpful and supportive in helping me apply to the right colleges and helping me pick the one to attend after the application process was over.”        – Carissa, a student